This entry form is for the South Somerset Federation of Carnivals including Wellington, Ilminster, Chard & Taunton.

Wellington Carnival - Saturday 24th September
Ilminster Carnival - Saturday 1st October
Chard Carnival - Saturday 8th October
Taunton Carnival - Saturday 15th October

Please ensure you read the rules of the four carnivals before completing and submitting your entry form:
Taunton Carnival Rules

Wellington Carnival - Saturday 17th September 2022
Ilminster Carnival - Saturday 24th September 2022
Chard Carnival - Saturday 1st October 2022
Taunton Carnival - Saturday 1st October 2022
Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
The four towns are excited to be back for the South Somerset Federation for 2022. We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you at the carnival processions.
* Which carnivals do you wish to enter? (select all that apply)
Wellington - Saturday 24th September 
Ilminster - Saturday 1st October
Chard - Saturday 8th October
Taunton - Saturday 15th October

* Name of Club/Entrant
* Title of Entry
* Town of Origin
* First Name
* Last Name
* Address 1
Address 2
* Town
* County
* Postcode
* Phone
* Email Address - if you have not got an email address please use -
* Road Crew Captain Name:
* Phone Number:
Secondary Road Crew Name:
Secondary Road Crew Number:
Please state to whom any cheque for prize money should be made payable to:
In order to reduce costs we are looking at making prize payments by BACS, this may not apply to all carnivals.
Bank Account No.
Sort Code
* Vehicle in Procession?
Please only answer if you selected YES to having a vehicle in procession.
Height (5 metres maximum)
Length (30.50 metres maximum)
Width (3.5 metres maximum)
Total Length Including Towing Vehicle (metres)
* Please indicate which class you wish to enter? Refer to the rules for information regarding the requirements for each class. If you are unsure of what class to enter please let us know at the bottom of the entry form and we will help to put you in the correct class.
1. Feature
2. Tableau
3. Comic
4. Youth
5. Open
6. Single Walking ADULT
7. Single Walking JUVENILE
8. Pair Walking
9. Group Walking
10. Open Walking
11. Trade NON FEDERATION (Fees payable. £50 Wellington, £30 Ilminster, £30 Chard, £50 Taunton. See rules for individual towns for details of where to send payment. Fee payment must be made before entry is accepted)
12. Majorettes NON FEDERATION (Ilminster and Taunton - by invitation only)
13. Walking - NON FEDERATION Youth Walking (Under 18)
Collecting Vehicle - Invitation Only
Other - see next question
If you wish to enter one of the following classes, as well or instead of the classes above you will be placed in this class for the appropriate carnival. You will be entered into the class selected above if you wish to attend any other carnivals.
14. Supporters Non Judged (CHARD AND TAUNTON ONLY)
15. Mounted Entry Under 50' (TAUNTON ONLY)
17. Royalty - (CHARD ONLY)
Tractors, coaches etc. will move from the Assembly to Finish prior to procession starting. Will your driver require transport back to take part in the processions? (TAUNTON ONLY)
If you require transport for TAUNTON CARNIVAL please state how many seats....
Any mounted entry will have a minimum of £5 million Public Liability Insurance cover in place and all other entries will have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover in place (please take advice from a licenced and regulated insurance broker to ensure you have adequate cover).
Any motorised vehicles used by my entry will be insured for CARNIVAL USE.
Our entry (where applicable) will have a VSO (Vehicle Special Order)
Entries will conform to 'The Carnival Handbook 2017' - or Trailer Letter (where VSO does not apply) - Trailer Letter - Carnival Safety Inspections Letter
All relevant documentation will be available for inspection if required
A condition of entry for each carnival you have entered is that you are required to complete a tick box form and hand to the admin officer on the line up for each carnival. This form will be sent out along with your entry numbers closer to the date of the carnival. The form can also be found on each towns individual websites or by following this link: Tick Box Form
I understand that this is a legal document I have read all conditions of entry applicable to our entry - including the individual towns rules:
I agree on behalf of my entry that we will abide by these conditions and have checked that the form has been correctly filled out. Your entry will only be accepted if you tick I AGREE below confirming you accept the above conditions and the rules of the individual carnivals 
* Name of person completing this entry form?
* Position in club?
* Contact phone number?
Any other information you would like us to be aware of:
Please check all details are correct before submitting your entry form. You will be able to print a copy of your entry on the next page. Once you submit your entry you will not be able to make any adjustments to your entry unless you email - and we will be able to make any amendments for you.  When you have completed your entry press the 'DONE' button below.
The closing date for online entries is:

Wellington Carnival - Saturday 17th September 2022
Ilminster Carnival - Saturday 24th September 2022
Chard Carnival - Saturday 1st October 2022

Taunton Carnival - Saturday 1st October 2022

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